JC SPORT offers 4 types of membership. You can choose the one that is best for you depending on your level of fitness and overall goals. If you want your training to be effective then 3 times per week would be the most popular.

Memberships are created for 1 month and are expired if not fully used. A single extension is possible upon prior notice because of sickness or annual leave.

Type (Validity)
4 Times (1 Month)
8 Times (1 Month)
12 Times (1 Month)
Unlimited (1 Month)
1 single training
First time

You can freely choose any combination of trainings with any of our memberships according to the schedule.

Member of the month

Every month during last Wednesday's TAE-BO training we will be announcing our member of the month award. This active person from our community will get a well deserved attention and a free training. All you need to do is to have an active membership and profile picture on JC SPORT app so we could display it here!

This month's member is:

Karolina Miksiene!

Congratulations to Karolina ...!

JCID & subscriptions

Every of our members is assigned a JCID. A unique code to store profile and subscription information for ease of use. You can access your JCID with JCSPORT app or use the this website.


We have apps! be sure to check them out. Depending on your device please visit App Store or Google play.

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